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Jackpot Sweepstakes Casino Games at Zula Casino in the U.S.

Jackpots have always been among the most popular casino-style games and are still a welcome sight at many social casinos. Their main attraction is a massive win that can come randomly at any point in the game.

Jackpot Slot Machine Games

Zula Casino features many of these releases, knowing that our players want to see and experience them just as much as regular slots.

Zula is the place to be if you’re looking for a no-downloads, fuss-free jackpot experience at a brand-new social casino. Register for free, claim our generous welcome bonus, and start playing over 30 unique, high-quality jackpot slots.

What Is a Jackpot Slot Game?

As its name suggests, a casino jackpot slot machine game is a type of slot release with a jackpot feature, and its central characteristic is its size. This simple game mechanics can trigger at any point. While a jackpot is more challenging to get than a max win, its bonus is much bigger, too.

You can play for free any jackpot game without losing out on the jackpot feature. It’s distributed in gold or sweep coins, so the excitement is not gone.

The jackpot can be fixed, awarded to the player randomly, or it can be progressive. This means its size increases gradually, based on the coins all players of the casino invest. As a result, it’s much harder to get it. Once someone wins the progressive jackpot, the value resets for every member of the casino.

Conversely, a standard jackpot doesn’t affect other playing sessions, meaning multiple players can win it simultaneously. Naturally, it’s smaller than a progressive, which can reach thousands or millions of coins.

Free Jackpot Games at Zula Casino

Being a social casino, you can play all Zula Casino games for free, including any jackpot slot game we offer. The library features 30+ jackpots, and you can try all of them if you register for free. Moreover, we plan on adding other casino jackpot slot machine releases, so expect to see many more in the coming months.

For now, take any of the available ones for a spin. For example, you can play Lucky Panda, a video slot with a high RTP and jackpot. Or give Ariel’s Song a try, which is an underwater-themed slot set in a mystical realm with bonus rounds and wilds.

These are just two great examples, but Zula Casino features many more jackpot slot game releases. You have everything from classic-style titles like Hot 777 and Hope Diamonds to feature-rich games with modern animations like Dia De Los Muertos and Chariots of Gold.

Join Zula Casino and browse the jackpot section to see what's available. Don’t forget that we offer many other releases you can try, including slots, keno titles, and fish games. Moreover, we have a site-wide jackpot available in four sizes — Mini, Super, Grand, and Fortune.

Once you register, you can play our games for free on a desktop or nearly any mobile device.