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Zula Casino: Friend Referral

January 1, 2024

Zula Casino Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Have you heard of the saying that everything gets better when it’s shared? We believe this to be true, so we’ll reward players for sharing their positive experiences at Zula Casino with other individuals who enjoy online social gaming. 


Thanks to our refer-a-friend casino bonus, registered members interested in bringing friends to Zula Casino will unlock fantastic rewards both for themselves and their referrals.


To activate Zula Casino Referral Bonus, you should share a unique referral link with your friends who wish to sign up. When a player registers a new account by following your link, they should disregard other specials on the Promo page for the time being. Once they complete the initial qualifying purchase, the rewarding Zula Casino referral bonus will become available. 


If a player doesn’t know how big their qualifying purchase should be, they should look for the red ribbon in our store package. After the transaction goes through, your friend will receive a package 10% larger than the one they selected. Your prize, on the other hand, will depend on the size of your referral’s first purchase. 


Check the table below to find out how big your gifts can get👇


Friend’s First PurchaseGC Referral BonusSC Referral Bonus
100,000 GC100,0005.05
750,000 GC750,00020.25
2,000,000 GC1,200,00030.45
5,000,000 GC1,500,00030.6
8,750,000 GC1,750,00030.7
12,500,000 GC1,875,00030.75
25,000,000 GC2,150,00030.96


In a way, this will be like a no deposit bonus — all you need to do is share the benefits of Zula Casino with those interested in fun and free casino games. You can get rewarded for referring up to five friends per week, increasing your coin balance and prolonging your gaming activity at no cost!

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