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Print Studios

Medieval-themed games are everywhere, but none are like the Tarasque slot by Print Studios. From its captivating visuals to the complex mechanics, every element is one-of-a-kind. Tarasque Slot Interface A bright, sunny day in France sets the scene for Tarasque’s gameplay. A lively flute melody complements gorgeous nature and castle imagery. Meanwhile, the massive 8x8 layout is enhanced with fun animations and sound effects. Any spin could unleash the cluster feature and yield massive rewards; no deposit is necessary. Tarasque Features Tarasque's design might be impressive, but the bonus features made it a hit with the U.S. players. The morphing symbols grow the clusters, the Celestial Blessing awards multipliers, and progressive features activate modifiers. These modifiers will remove or add symbols to the grid, eventually waking the legendary beast. Once the Tarasque appears, it devours and unleashes symbols from all winning clusters for unprecedented gameplay.